AVG replaces search engine

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Recently in all version of AVG from 2011 and up, I have found a recent pop up that has very very tiny options to ignore the pop up and continue. If you delay or accept, it replaces your search page in Chrome and in IE. I believe it also replaces Firefox too. This is annoying, both the pop up and the replacement, but recently, on a PC that never had AVG on it and no pop up, I suddenly found the AVG search engine had replaced my search page, it also replaced my home page which I noticed right away. There was a plug in for AVG which I didn't request or install. I normally search right from the address bar, which in Chrome is called omnibox. Other browsers call it inline searches.  On my next search, I discovered that AVG was now managing my searches as well.

Not sure how it happened, but this just isn't right.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | Comments (0)

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