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 I submitted a request to Peachtree support about what appears to be an obvious programming oversight. I'm posting to see if perhaps I over looked something. My question is about Credit Memo's in Peachtree 2012 Complete Accounting.  Here is the original question:


When I'm in the report customization in Peachtree. The money field "Money applied to credit memo" is always empty. No matter if there is a invoice applied, cash applied or a GL applied, it's always zero. Consequently, the Net Credit due is always the full amount of the credit memo and it never matches the credit memo info that we can plainly see on the computer screen.

Please advise


 At first, they couldn't find the report I was talking about, so I walked them through each step to get to it. Once they found what I was talking about, this was their response.


I did find the field name “Money Applied to Credit Memo” under form design. Note: this is a form not report.

This field will not show data when printing Credit Memo, you can add the same field in the Invoice form then credit amount applied against this invoice will be printed.


I'm not even sure why there'd be a field like that in the Credit Memo if it's not going to show data. The same named field doesn't exist on the invoice. Instead, it's called "Money applied to Invoice" and it's only going to show the amount up to the total amount on the invoice. There is nothing to indicate a credit balance.

After thinking this through, I now realize that there's nothing I can do. Peachtree support is basically saying this is the way it's suppose to work. Of course, it's not, but if you tell them there's a problem and they stick their head in the sand, then... that's the way it's going to work, whether it's right or not.

I submitted a rebuttal with a screen shot which I will show here. Basically, the answer they gave doesn't address my issue which was to show the net Credit Due on the credit memo. That's just not going to happen in Peachtree.

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