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I bought a Windows 7 home premium installation key from them with the image. I was downgrading from Windows 8 because the client was really annoyed with the missing start button (the start button in Windows 8.1 is bogus. It just opens the metro panel. There's no menu under it.). By all accounts the downgrade should not be an issue, but I couldn't find anywhere on how to do that downgrade. Windows 8 doesn't come with product keys because they use an machine id to track the installations (At least the OEM versions don't.).

They take several hours before they send the key. I don't know if this is because the process the orders manually or not. They say it is to verify the credit card info. 

I bought the SP1 package so I went to digitalriver and downloaded the package they have on the site. When I got the key, it didn't work and the email had a different digitalriver ISO to download. I assumed, like other Microsoft products that different releases of the same version of software required different keys. So I started over. After installing the image they sent me, I got the same error. Immediately, I thought - bogus.

I called the number on the receipt they sent me (888) 859-9178 which was disconnected. Another flag. The receipt offers support by calling them or chatting with their tech support, but gives no links to do either. Another flag. I finally used the number which is on their site, but difficult to find: (888) 323-5991. No one answers. I had to leave a message which ended up only being a disgruntled message with no phone number or order number.

My next call was to the bank to cancel the payment. It was still processing so the bank couldn't do anything about it. I went looking for a Microsoft number to call to find out if it was legit. Then remembered a chat tab at the bottom of the contact us page of their web site, so I decided to refresh the page and managed to get a person... finally.

While I was chatting with them, they called me back. I thought that was odd since I didn't leave a number, then I remembered they probably have caller id. I told the lady on the phone that I was in a chat session with them. She got my order number (so she could identify me with that disgruntled message) say she talked to me. Then the chat person said that some times you have to use the phone activation. That's not a good thing either. Another flag.

Anyway, the phone activation worked, but they asked one additional question: how many installations this key was used on. Since I don't know any but the one I'm installing, I said one. Microsoft probably also recorded my caller ID.

I leave you to make your own decision as to whether Designer Tech Software is legit or not. It seems obvious they are selling used software which I don't know if it's an issue, but it sure is troublesome. 

Here is another site that has reviews, but I think this site is pumped with reviews done by the seller.

Here is a forum with a question about what others found, but ended up disentegrating into babble about upgrade issues with student versions...

Written by Leonard Rogers on Thursday, January 16, 2014 | Comments (4)

  1. 1. Well I needed that link 3 hours after I paid for it and now it's been almost 48. No one but an answering service at their phone number. Left messages and sent emails and no response yet. GREAT



  2. 2. NEVER buy a software from Designer Tech Software. They are selling staff that they don't have in-stock and you should wait at least 24 hours. I've had a very bad experience with them.

    Penio Roussinov


  3. 3. Do not do business with these guys! Complete scam, not fighting with PayPal to get my money back for a license key they never supplied!



  4. 4. I'm glad I read your blog before I made a purchase. Thanks for sharing your experience.



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