Clear Wireless is Dead

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I wrote another article about Clear and a merger with a Japanese company called Softbank. Clear was established as a separate corporation but ran under the umbrella of Sprint. Now you can't buy anything from Clear, but those who had Clear Modems could still use the service. It seems Sprint or the company that bought Sprint is trying to kill Clear by "souring the tit."

At the beginning of this year, the monthly charge for the service went up from 49.99 to 54.99 without notice. But last night's service was dismal. I'm use to a second stream causing issues on the network. I had noted before latency of *3000 to 4000 msec ping times with only two streams going (of course there is always more going on, i.e. updates to software, software maintaining heartbeats for services and such, but these streams are the main process, watching movies or playing a game). It is to the point that the person playing a game will insist that everyone stop watching movies so he can play. 

Last night while working remotely, a Netflix movie and Manga on another computer, I was observing *7000 to 8000 msec latency from my Clear router to the first hop. It is my opinion that Sprint is killing the service. What could have been a competitor for Verizon's ridiculously priced 4G network has now gotten inline and will not be offering an unlimited 4G service. Of course, no one would buy unlimited service if it didn't work, right?

*Note: All speeds were on a modem that indicated 4 to 5 bars of signal strength.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | Comments (0)

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