Yellow pages (YP) does follow ups after posting for a free account

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As I mentioned before, if you post your information for free services, be prepared to get inundated with call after call from sales people trying to get you to buy their free service. is one of those services. I'm not impressed with yellow pages advertising. It took me 4 years to get them to stop billing me for a business card size ad I had put in their phone book yellow pages which took several letters and follow up phone calls to get them to stop. It's now over 10 years after I got them to stop billing me and I still get calls for services. I am hoping the Internet YP should be different.

They are a free registration. They verified my phone number by calling the number I wanted registered, however; I wasn't at that phone. The phone registration isn't very well thought out. It would be next to impossible to register if I had a phone extension. In my case, I'm registering for a company that is not mine. I'm in my office and they are on the road. There was a button on the registration page that I had to press, they'd call the number, I'd enter the code. But they didn't give very long for me to enter the code. I had to get it from the owner who tried to text it back to me, but by the time I got it, the code already expired.

Once the business was registered and verified, I was able to find my business on But less than 24 hours later, a sales person was calling. The receptionist handles all sales calls the same. "Thank you for calling. Sales? Not interested. hang up. 

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | Comments (0)

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