win 7 64 bit HP laserjet 1020 install

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What a pain.  If you go to the HP web site and enter the HP Laserjet 1020 as your printer and then pick Windows 7 64-bit for the OS, it gives you drivers that it claims are compatible with Windows 7 64-bit.  Not so.  

The drivers are actually for Vista 64.  The z-7 zip file complains that it won't run on a windows 7 64 bit machine and to contact the vendor.  So you end up having to use winrar to extract the files.  Then when you run setup.exe, you get a similar message that says it's not compatible with Windows 7 64-bit.  Very frustrating, since HP offered the driver as a solution for Windows 7 64-bit.  And yes, I submitted feedback on their web site. 

Finally, I used these instructions on HP's forums that helped a lot.  See:

Be sure to check the video links for a better explanation.  The opening instructions has a lot of assumptions.  I did my install all from devices and printers and there was no install driver from specified location option.  I used the troubleshooting option which worked to reinstall the drivers.  On my system, it had been working.  I don't know if the customer moved the usb cable to another port or what reason it suddenly disconnected itself from the system.  I had a printer driver that indicated it was working, but wasn't and a HP 1020 unidentified item on the devices and printers screen.

I removed the HP 1020 printer and went into print server properties and removed the driver as well.  Then I right clicked on the unidentified icon and selected troubleshoot.  The trouble shooter found the driver and installed it again and it worked.



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