Peachtree Cannot Open Company.dat

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Had a problem today with Quantum 2009 (we'll be upgrading in a couple of weeks).  All the other workstations were able to log into Peachtree without any problems. However, on the controller's PC, Peachtree would not even get to the login screen nor would it allow selecting a different company to open. The error message kept repeating, Cannot open F:peachwcompany.dat. This file doesn't exist in that directory. 

After clicking okay twice, Peachtree exits. I checked the network path. That was okay. I checked the datapath in the PTX160.ini file. That was okay, but I changed that path and added a new network drive that pointed to the same place, but the error kept coming up on the F drive even though the datapath was now different... Frustrating. Options in information files that doesn't work.

I looked around in the registry file to see if any path entries were present that might be over riding.

Basically, the registry is in peachtree/16/options. The last company file opened entries (there are 3, description, long and short) were all cleared out. We removed all History from Company0 to Company9 and changed the registry entry to open last opened company from 0 to 1. When we browsed for the company, it read the .ini file and opened the new drive I indicated in the ini file. According to support, that problem will never happen again as long as we don't select to automatically open last used company.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Monday, September 19, 2011 | Comments (0)

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