Quicktime Video Stuttering

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I have a client with a Dell Vitro 220 which includes an Intel G45/G43 Express chipset video controller and Intel ICH10R ATA AHCI harddrive controller. His video playbacks from MOV files stored on the harddrive started stuttering recently. The sound was fine, but there was jitter or jerky movements on the video being played back through Quicktime. The Quicktime version was 7.6, so I updated it to the most recent, version 7.7 but the stuttering continued.

I noted as I was making adjustments to the preferences in Quicktime that whenever I saved the changes I made, the stuttering stopped during the save, while the cursor hourglass was spinning and then it'd start again after the preferences were saved. I read on this site: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1041735?start=15&tstart=0 that there were known problems with Nvidia video controller cards and SATA harddrives. This PC didn't have an Nvidia card. However, the last entry where the individual played his MOV files from an attached ide harddrive did not stutter. So I copied the files to my USB thumb drive. The video didn't stutter during playing back.

It seems there are issues with timing. I am yet to find the solution, but at least the problem does seem to be with the harddrive controllers or perhaps the harddrive itself. I will post more as I find it.

The client's PC is running Windows XP, SP3. This particular PCs harddrive has been giving us problems. The PC freezes frequently when Microsoft Outlook 2007 does archive operations and has trouble maintaining an index order. Every other Vostro has worked exceptionally well. Occasionally you get a lemon from Dell and I thought this might be one, but this client maintains huge and numerous Outlook archive files which he searches frequently. Having 20 3 and 4 gig sized files that you are searching could have a greater impact on HD performance, so I didn't research the issue, but it appears that it might be a problem.


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