Adding Win XP printer share to Win 7 64 Bit OS

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 Excellent information on how to do this on this page

Copied here.

I found the answer here:-

This post says:-

The 32bit driver name is different than the 64bit driver name.  You will need to create a Local Port which will basically copy the print formated data to the xpmachine share.

Here's the KB how to perform this task

on Windows 7
Add Printer
Local Printer
Add Local Port
XPMACHINEprintersharename    (Make the share name one word or you have to "" quote the whole thing)

Select the driver installed when you connected the device to USB

complete the wizard

print test page.

Other items that I had to look up was getting an error when trying: cannot connect to printer 0x00004005


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IE8 Internet Explorer 8 search provider selection

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Recently had several clients with issues where the search provider selection site did not scroll. IE8's new search engine provider screen now alphabetically lists several search engines that you can select from. The error shows only the 2 top search engines and does not scroll. I recently had this problem when I downgraded from IE9 because that version seems to have issues with Java. After uninstalling IE9, IE8 would not allow me to select the search engine provider I wanted.

I found a alternative method, which was to use the search engine to narrow down the options, but when I managed to get the one I wanted to show, I got an error message that the provider could only be added to IE8 or IE9. I was using IE8 and used that error to find the solution. It appears that the uninstall sets IE8 to compatibility mode always. Open Tools/Internet Options/Comparability and clear the check mark in the option for compatibility always on. This apparently makes IE look like IE7. After clearing this check, the scrolling list of search providers showed correctly and i was able to add the one I like.


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Peachtree 2012 and GotoMyPc Printer

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We just recently installed Peachtree 2012 on a PC that we use GotoMyPC for remote access. I'm not sure if the new Sage Peachtree Remote Access feature which uses GotoMyPC removed the gotomypc printer or not, but right after we installed Peachtree 2012, the gotomypc printer disappeared and we were unable to print remotely. The problem was fixed after I called GotoMyPC who directed me to be at the computer that is the GotoMyPC host and not in a remote session. Then to open the browser and got to This link provides a reinstall option which is not in the add and remove programs for gotomypc. Reinstall then added the gotomypc printer without losing the login credentials for the host PC. 

All fixed and ready to go.

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Peachtree freezes on pop-up message for end-of-year wizard

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Peachtree Quantum 2012 freezes when Peachtree starts when the user gets a message that the end of the year is approaching requesting if the user would like to run the end-of-year accounting audit wizard.

The PC was Windows XP SP3. The problem was the PC did not have IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8) installed. I twas still using IE 6. Another message also popped up indicating that the screens could not be displayed properly because the version of Internet Explorer needed to be upgraded. However, because the user could get past this screen and continue working, they never bothered to mention that problem. When I corrected the version of Internet  Explorer, the freezing problem went away.

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Telepacific Customer Service

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Telepacific installed a T1 service which I did not order. I never plugged the router in and requested that they correct the issue back in 2005. (You can read some background in one of my previous posts here.) The whole issue caused us to drop Telepacific as a vendor and move on to other providers. However, today, we are still being plagued by this credit. When we planned our move to a new location, we contacted Telepacific for information on a move, but before I let them process anything, I requested information on the status of that credit. It turns out they had switched customer services reps on us and the new rep had no idea what I was asking about. He investigated and discovered the research on the request went to a certain point and just died. He picked it up and started it again, but failed to contact us with the resolution. We determined that we were never going to see any of that credit and chose a new provider. Once we sent notice to discontinue service, we also decided that all future billing should go to the credit. Then just as we were trying to cut over our services, Telepacific held our primary numbers hostage in an effort to get us to pay the past due amount of about 2700.00. We finally contacted a Vice President in the company that cleared us out of collections and allowed the numbers to transfer.  When we called collections to find out the status, we were informed that we were not in collections. That only lasted one billing period. Now we are back in collections.

I now have the notes they took during the process of researching the extra T1. It doesn't show any of the notes taken before our new customer service rep, though I know they had them because the new rep read them to me. My original complaint was issued long before May 2011 when he started his notes. He miss documented my explanation, however; they did go back an recalculate what the credit would be. Their calculations show the credit to be 29,000 dollars, but it was denied because the dispute was not placed within the 45 days per contract. 

They specify, "If you have a bona fide dispute with any of the amounts on the invoice, you shall pay all amounts not in dispute by the Pay By Date and provide us with a written request for a billing adjustment, together with all supporting documentation, with 45 days after the Pay By Date or your right to any billing adjustment shall be waived..." This allows them to be sloppy in their order processing and allow for unused services to be billed ad infinitum and make it the responsibility of the customer to harass the provider for correction. Besides, the complaint isn't about one bill, it's about the entire process of billing and not following through. What date shall we apply? What Pay By Date should we count from? Telepacific admits no responsibility for wrong doing here. If we go by my original request to have the circuit removed back in 2005, then isn't that within the 45 days of the first Pay By Date? Of course I don't have any evidence of submitting such a request. And they on the other hand have no evidence that we ever used that circuit. It sat there for 5 years staring them in the face with an alarm on it indicating there was no connection. In such a situation, it seems only  fair that both parties should accept some responsibility for the oversight. Both parties are at fault. But instead, Telepacific insists on waging a war to collect $4000. Our only recourse it to go to the PUC, which if we had been notified, we would have already done, but though our customer service rep was notified of both the denial and the recommendation to take this to the PUC, it was never forwarded to us.

It was because of this mind set and the fact that customer service has failed at every step of the way to follow through that we dropped Telepacific. I have other customers that also use Telepacific services which will probably get replaced because of their poor performance. The only reason some people don't move is because of the pain of changing telephone companies. i.e. lines don't get forwarded, the fax lines don't work. Roll over doesn't work. The 800 number isn't being forwarded. And the worst of all, the company releasing numbers to the new vendor stalls at every step, which is exactly what Telepacific did as we tried to move away from them.

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League of Legends and Pando Media Booster

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League of Legends (LoL) also comes with pmb.exe Pando Media Booster. Apparently this comes with most online gaming installs. The problem with Pando Media Booster is that it continues serving in Bittorrent fashion the install files even after the software is installed. This can greatly impede your internet performance. The nice thing is that after you've installed the game, you can easily uninstall Pando Media Booster and future updates will continue without any problems.

I wouldn't have a problem leaving this on if Pando Media Booster was configurable in such a way that the producers of these games could control with Pando Media Booster was actually sharing.

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Lord of the RIngs and Pando Media Booster

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mapi was unable to load the information service mspst.dll Outlook 2007

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During a recent job, I created another user profile with the intent that the second profile would use Outlook with different email credentials. However, during the setup process, Office 2007 failed with several errors. Then when I rebooted and started Outlook again, I got an error that "mapi was unable to load the information service mspst.dll".

First off, there is no mspst.dll. The file that is causing the problem in my case was mspst32.dll. There are several links that suggests that it is in the system32 directory, but that's not the case. It's actually in Program files\Microsoft\Office 12\. There are several comments that reinstalling didn't help or that in some cases it did help. There is also the common files directory which holds the mapi settings for Microsoft mail in the \common files\system\msmapi\1033 directory and one thought was to rename the msmapi.dll file in there. That does cause Outlook to reinstall that file, but it didn't fix the problem.

I downloaded some bogus copy of mspst32.dll (by bogus, I mean a file offered by a .dll download site) into the system32 directory, but that didn't change the problem. Finally, when I realized that there was a copy in the program files directory, I deleted the one I copied into the system32 directory and renamed the one in the program files directory. Outlook reinstalled the correct version of mspst32.dll and outlook started up fine.

This problem forced me to troubleshoot it to solution because the corrupted mspst32.dll file also broke outlook for all users on that PC. I didn't want to reinstall because I'd lose the user settings. Once the correct mspst32.dll file was loaded again, both accounts worked without further problems.


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