Vista run CMD as administrator from the Task Manager

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One of the big problems I get when trying to trouble shoot Vista is trying to run the CMD command as administrator. There are tons of ways to do it if everything is running okay, but I sometimes find myself locked out of the normal start button or menu and have to start programs from the task manager. When you do this by simply running CMD, certain programs such as chkdsk /f will not work as it requires administrator access, so how do you start CMD as administrator?

If you can start the task manager and use New Task (Run)..., select the browse button. CMD.exe is located in the system32 directory. Locate the program and from within the browser, right-click the icon and select run as administrator. The task will run, but the browser will not shut down. Then you can run diagnostic apps such as chkdsk. 

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You cannot use Peachtree right now ...

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 The error message from Peachtree Accounting stating "You cannot use Peachtree right now because the serioal number(s) you have (###) are already in use by the maximum number of computers... Try logging on again."  Which after running through the recommended steps by peachtree, i.e. deleting the lck files, 4 access .dat files (which I really don't get why they'd have anyone delete those) or the *.ptl files only resulted in a new error message. "You cannot access Peachtree right now.  Please reboot and try again."

The problem on my PC was the .net 2.0 files had been deleted.  Perhaps this took place when installed software that wanted .net 4.0 files or when I intentionally upgraded my .net.  For what ever reason, all the files were missing from this path: C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_System.EnterpriseServices_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_2.0.0.0_x-ww_7d5f3790.  The files missing were, System.EnterpreiseSErvices.Wrapper.dll and System.EnterpriseServices.dll.  This later file is one that Peachtree specifically looks for and if it's missing, you will not log out of Peachtree properly nor will you be able to log in.

I was able to recover the files from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Frameworkv2.0.50727, but just copying the files from this directory to the one listed above.

Now to find out why the SSN tax values are not calculating correctly.


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Update on SR5 update and corrected tax tables

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Just an update on the Peachtree SR5 update... After I installed the update, peachtree completely crashed.  I don't know if it was SR5 that did it or not, but there was nothing I could do to get any peachtree product to work in the original workstation. I finally had to install Peachtree 2010 on a new PC in order to get back to work. The data was fine.  I was able to bring that over from the corrupted PC and use it, but the tax calculations for SSN withholdings is still not correct. Peachtree 2010 doesn't have an SR5 update so I'm left holding the dirty end of the stick again. 

I believe the tax issue is in the data and updated incorrectly. It appears the only way to fix this issue is to make a new company and import the data from the old company database. There's a couple of ways to do that. I will report if any of it worked for me.

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Asp coding the include directive

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Few things I found by accident while programming in asp.

The include directive is not part of the asp code or, in other words, the directive doesn't go between the <% %> script delimiters.

Depending on your editor,  the included file will not properly show the coding logic if the file extension is not .asp.  I had an if then elseif end if structure and the elseif didn't show correctly.  That's an editor issue.  the include file doesn't have to end in .asp.  

The script in the include file must also have the <% %> delimiters.  This is a no brainer if you also have html in the file, but if the entire file is an asp script, those delimiters must also be present.


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SQL Connection issue Vista to SQL 2005

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Just had an issue where Vista Home Premium could no longer connect to SQL 2005 on a remote server after a weekend Microsoft update.  The error that kept coming back was that the server could not be found.  I at first thought it was a firewall issue, but being told it that a recent Microsoft Windows update had been performed, I decided to look into that.

The application that uses the SQL 2005 server is called AllOrders by NumberCruncher.  However, there are many applications that connect to SQL, but the errors the application gives might be different. In this application, the error was "could not associate file with server. Associate now?"  Then you'd click yes and it would return with an error that it could not find the SQL server.  After some trouble shooting, I finally pinged the server and found that it was pinging on the IPv6 protocol.  Apparently, an update had made IPv6 the default.  When I used the SQL helper utility, which in vista doesn't appear to much different than the standard odbc interface and specified the IPv4 IP address, everything worked fine.  

After some thought, I think I could have specified the host in c:windowssystem32driversetchost and given the host name an IPv4 address and it would have worked as well.

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Repairs to gotomypc printer after messing around with the manual install

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After the problems that I was checking with gotomypc printers in the last post. The customer was not able to print at all.  I looked on the remote desktop and found that the gotomypc driver was there, but it wasn't loading when the user connected via gotomypc.  After some research, the only solution was to reinstall gotomypc on the host computer again.  I'm not sure if there is a work around for this, but it did repair the problem. 

Btw, this is when I noticed that the waiting state is normal for gotomypc printers. I thought the printer which showed in a waiting state would not work because of it's state. However, it worked fine. I also noticed on the gotomypc troubleshooting site that their screen shot of the printers status' showed the gotomypc printer in a waiting state.

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HP Laserjet 1020-1022 series printer and Gotomypc

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I have a customer that recently wanted to print documents from her remote PC via gotomypc.  Her local printer was an HP Laserjet 1020 printer.  While I was investigating this issue, I discovered that the gotomypc printer on the remote PC was hung in a waiting state.  (Note: the "waiting" state is normal for the gotomypc printer.  I found that it sits in a waiting state when the printer works, so this isn't unusual.)  All the print jobs would just disappear unless she chose to print on one of the PCs attached to her remote PC. She does not have a HP Laserjet 1020 at the remote location.

So I tried the manual steps here.  According to gotomypc's web site, this process allows for any special formating that printing checks might require which cannot be handled by a generic printer translator. This didn't fix the problem either.

I installed the driver from the HP web site at this location. But had problems with the plug-n-play. The first 2 options were small and provided plug-n-play features that bungled the installation. I only wanted the drivers as the printer is not really at the remote location.  Those two links downloaded software that insisted that I plug the printer into a usb port before it'd continue. There is a network version the HP Laserjet 1022n which shouldn't require a USB printer to be plugged in, but when I downloaded that driver, I found it was an exact duplicate of the driver for the HP laserjet 1020. I finally downloaded the HP LaserJet Host Based Print Driver Package which did not require the printer to be plugged into a usb port.

After completing the manual install of a gotomypc printer, I found I still had the printer status show as waiting.  All print jobs just disappeared.  The problem appears that it would be like this with any "host based" printer.  These type of printers require the computer to do all the rendering.  That shouldn't be a problem, but it appears that the drivers for the HP Laserjet 1020 are looking for a response from the actual printer before the status will change to ready.  With no printer physically attached, the printer is never ready and will not print.

After hunting around, I determined that this hardware will not work with gotomypc.  I have seen a lot of people having trouble getting this printer to work with any remote device such as a network print server.  It also has problems with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server.  

This printer apparently is best used in a standalone usb connected environment.

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Windows Event 51 \Device\Harddisk1\DR4

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 I'm getting this error with Event ID: 51 in the System Event log.  It only comes up as a warning and the confusion is on what device is DR4.  I just replaced the existing Dell Raid because it was soooo slow and appeared to have many errors when doing backups or other system checks.  It was in a mirrored configuration but neither hard drive had actually failed.  So I did some research.  DR4 translates to Disk Removable.  There is some inidcation that the 4 is the USB slot it is in, but I have some reservations about that.  I looked my exact error message up and it came up more than once.  I'm not even sure my server has 4 USB slots.

Anyway, check out the research on this site:

By the way, my system is a Windows Server 2000 SP4.

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