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Just got a new email today from the webmaster team at Bing:

Dear Bing Webmaster User,

As of June 7th, the Bing Webmaster Tools site that you know has changed.

Bing has been investing in building its Webmaster Tools for a while now and we have recently launched a revised webmaster experience that offers expansion in tools, data coverage and content. The site redesign makes it easier for you to find content, tools and data to help meet your needs. Our new features include expanded functionality, and the data that coincides with these new features. With over 40 new self-help documents on hand, publishers now have access to a wide range of help and guidance content across various topics such as how to use our tools and search engine optimization.

As part of our investment, we’ve built new functionality to help publishers find relevant data and control their accounts. Here are some of the major features and improvements Bing Webmaster account users will see:

  • Crawl delay configurable by the hour
    • Control when and at what pace Bing crawls your website
  • User and role management
    • Control who can access your Bing Webmaster account and what functions they can use
  • Index Explorer
    • Improvements to reliability and how fast data appears in your reports
  • URL Normalization
    • Manage which URLs from your site Bing holds in its index
  • Deep Links Management
    • Manage which deep links are shown for your website, when your domain is selected

Beyond the updated and enhanced features, Bing Webmaster Tools has also launched detailed self-help guides and how-to documents. We’ve covered a wide range of topics, from how to accomplish tasks within Bing Webmaster tools, to what you should be focused on when performing search engine optimization. Here’s a quick peek at some of the new content topics in the 40+ new guides and how to documents launched:

  • Using Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Webmaster Tools Data explained
  • How to perform Link Building
  • Removing or blocking pages from our index
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidance Managing URL parameters
  • Implementing Rich Snippets (
  • Managing Canonicalization (duplicate content)
  • Managing redirects
  • 404 page management
  • Rich Media and Search

Watch for new content to appear monthly as we invest further in explaining features and highlight areas of work webmasters are focused on.

Visit Bing Webmaster Tools to see the new features in your account, and to access the new content.


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Peachtree Registration Page

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Peachtree has changed it's registration page. It use to be and this link shows on installation software up through Peachtree 2011.  When I tried to re-register my older version of Peachtree I also found that my customer number no longer worked. Sage software is going through some consolidation and all the old customer numbers have now been replaced with 10 digit customer numbers. In any case, the right location to register your Peachtree products is:

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Cannot connect to NumberCruncher

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We connect to a Remote Desktop (RDP) to use NumberCruncher (NC) and Quickbooks (QB).  In order to use NumberCruncher the way we have it set up, requires that QB be open. Even with this is done, sometimes you have to find the NC data connector description file and then find the QBW file via a wizard inside NC. The RDP connections worked fine, but QB and NC were being opened for the very first time and required some setup. QB gave numerous welcome screens and those had to be addressed before NC would connect to QB's data file.
There was a couple of problems.
1) The license was not activated on NumberCruncher. That is resolved now.
2) If any dialog shows up in QB, NC will not connect. The error message will state that you have to close the dialog and finish connecting to QB.
3) There was no xxxx1 or xxxx2 user in NumberCruncher. There was only yyyy1 and yyyy2. We added xxxx1 and xxxx2 with the same rights as yyyy1 and yyyy2. We attempted to login 3 times and it locked us out. NC doesn't say the login was invalid, it just sits there and lets to click the button 3 times and then says you failed. 
4) Connecting the NC to the QB file is odd. It shows you directory information for directories that you are not connected to. For future information, the top of the dialog will say to find the QBW file for your company. It will start in the NC data directory. In order to find the QBW file, you need to click into the QBData directory then Click back to the Root directory and then the QBW file will show. (Note: this would probably not be an issue if the QBW file is in the same directory as NC's NCD and the SQL files. It is my preference to put the data in separate directories).

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Windows update options greyed out

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I had to do an update on a Windows XP PC. The system was still running SP2 and IE6. My task was to install SP3 and then all of the updates. I was especially looking for IE8. I like to install SP3 before installing IE8.

This time, when I finished with the updates, the Windows Update options were grayed out and automatic updates was enabled. Sometimes after a windows update the automatic updates gets set on, but t his time I couldn't modify that selection. 

When I finished the manual update, I had 2 reboot messages. One from the automatic update and one from the manual update that I was just finishing. Seems the software should be able to figure out that I'm doing a manual update and stop the auto updates from happening, but that's not the case.

I looked at this site which registering the wuaueng.dll file after checking to see if the Automatic Update service is running. When I registered the dll, it would stop the service and when I started the service again, the options were still grayed out.  I did check the user's rights on that PC login and found they were in the administrators group, so that wasn't the problem. 

After looking at that info, I went to this site which suggested changing some registry settings, which is what I was looking for and this worked for me.

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Software Informer

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 A plague of Software informer apps apps which can be found on Sofware Informer's web site seem to be appearing on PCs throughout my support realm. No one knows how these "odd" apps got installed on their PCs. (Note: Software informer appears to be a adware site. Meaning, they offer to track user input about software. However, the site is loaded with ads, some of which lead the visitor to believe that some links may give them more info, but is an ad which will generate revenue for the owners.)

The first app I found on a client's computer was mrvlusgtracking. This site indicates that it might be tied into yahoo chat somehow. My client didn't install it, so I'm removing it. But I also found two more applications, one of which my client did install.

Windows Driver Package - LeapFrog (FlyUsb) USB (11/05/20080 According to my client it is a game she downloaded. I looked this one up and ended up on the Software Informer web site again. Not a good sign with the other items that the user didn't install. (Actually, it's a great sign for that owners of that web site. They show up pretty high on the google search for these odd programs. These kind of free apps tend to install software that people didn't intend to have installed.)

And one my client didn't install: 

Windows Driver Package - Digital Check Corporation (TSUSB2) USB (04/02/2010 1.10.0000).

Now the problem with this last one is that my client does have a digital check deposit hardware and software installed from Bank of America. Not sure what the relation is, but it's coming off the PC.


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