Open Office database (ooBase)

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OpenOffice software attempts to give it's users an alternative to Microsoft Office Professional, based on the products included in the OpenOffice package.

OpenOffice   Microsoft Office Professional
 Base    Access
 Writer    Word
 Calc    Excel
 Draw    Publisher
 Impress    PowerPoint
 Math    ???

 One of the greatest short comings in ooBase which is the equivalent of Microsoft Access, is that it isn't equivalent at all. It has no import capability and the one tutorial I could find suggested importing the data into the Calc and then using Cut and Paste to transfer the data from Calc to Base. Awkward to say the least. I can't say how many times I have seen people (especially accounting types) use Excel as a database, so this may make sense to them. However, if your data list has more that 65000 lines, Calc will cut off the data after that and you will have to come up with a work around to get the rest of the data into ooBase. Since I can't get my data into ooBase with any ease at all, then I haven't examined the rest of the software. It is free and for once, I'd say you are getting exactly what you paid for.

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Time Warner New Trial Offering for Business Class Internet

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I just got a call from Time Warner Cable internet  for business. They called and offered a "new trial deployment" which would give me the highest speed internet they offer business (15mbps x2mbps ) for a fraction of the cost: $131.00 a month for a 3 year term. What a deal. I'm paying $199 for 8x1 which is 2 tiers below that the max speed. That confused the customer rep who finally broke down and asked me if I was ever at a different address from where my office is... (I can't use the actual addresses so even that statement is confusing).

The address she gave me was for a company that I set up internet services for. I was the point of contact. Time Warner has called several times trying to upsell special services to this company and I am still the point of contact. But what kind of trial offering is a drastic reduction in price? Why would it be offered to only a few companies? How do you trial a price reduction? Perhaps they looked at the actual bandwidth they use (which is none, since it's a back up line) and decided; Hey, lets charge them more for using nothing.

What bothers me is after Time Warner Cable found out that I also use their service and that I'm getting ripped off at $199.00 for 8x1 instead of 15x2 offered at $131.00, they wouldn't extend that offer to me. Oops, I'm sorry.

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Allway Sync removal

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Allway Sync is a (sort of) free program to synchronize the files on two hard drives. It, however; has a limit to it's free version. When doing a backup of your computer, the entire C drive, the software complains that you are synchronizing too many files to be for private use.  So using it to schedule file synchronization is useless. There is no information on how many is too many. Just the iTunes directory should be plenty of many.

So, I wanted to uninstall the product, but it kept complaining it was running. It's not easy to find. The service running Allway Sync isn't named Allway. Look in the task manager for a process named SyncAppw.exe. Kill that and you can uninstall the software.

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CONVERT9.WIZ: BC.Exploit.CVE_2012_0142

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If you have Office 2000 installed and are using Clamwin for virus protection, this is a new false positive that just popped up today. I've already analyzed the file and submitted it to Clamwin for review.

Check this site for both review and submission: 

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MacBook Air and Airprint; serious wireless connection issues

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MacBook Air and iPhone have serious WiFi connection issues when using Airprint. Both seem to work fine surfing the internet and getting email, but when you need to print, the printer just doesn't seem to be there. The MacBook Air can see the printer, but nothing ever comes out. It just sits and spins and spins. Some solutions that people try is to restart the printer. I have connected regular PCs to the wireless printer as well and they seem to work fine (but they aren't using Airprint). But the problem isn't with the printer or the network. MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone all have issues staying connected to Airprint printers.

The problem is easy enough to solve with a work around, though it is annoying. Simply click on the WiFi connection on the top system bar and turn off the WiFi service, then turn it back on and that's it. Annoying, but it works. 

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chrome.dll: W32.Virut.Gen.D-148

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Clamwin is reporting chrome.dll: W32.Virut.Gen.D-148 and chrome.7z: W32.Virut.Gen.D-148 as virus' when they are not. Please see this link as it seems these two files keep going in and out. I monitor several PCs and find it way to frustrating to go in and filter this false positive out on every PC. But I get a report from each of PC that it has this virus which is quite annoying. It seems that the database admins for Clamwin are making an effort to fix this, but it still keeps appearing almost daily.


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