Acronis Disk Cloning Issue with Windows 7

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Had an issue with cloning a bad disk to a new replacement disk in Windows 7 64 bit. When I started the new drive the I got a message stating that there was no BOOTMGR. I've seen this before and knew all the data was there, but there are some hidden files that Windows 7 requires to boot, among them are NTLDR and BOOTMGR, actually a whole sector of data didn't come over. I thought it was because these files were in an unreadable area of the old drive and so I wasn't too worried about it.

I found all the info I needed to fix the boot sector and get the new drive working on this site.

The solution that worked for me was added by Jesse Lohisto, so credit to him. tedka wrote a useful overview that includes what Jesse and all the run around we got from the other posts. Here's tedka's post:

Jesse Lohisto deserves an MVP - he nailed it and his solution is spot on. No need to run anything else
bcdboot.exe C:\Windows /s C:
in command prompt fixed it for me first try and I've tried a whole bunch of other things including /FixMbr, /FixBoot, /RebuildBcd and wasted hours on what should have been simple 30 min task swapping SATA for SSD.

I only wish I found Jesse's post sooner ...

Granted Acronis support should know this by now and at least should include this in Knowledge Base as #1 thing to check or even better add it directly into product.

bcdboot.exe can be run in the Windows 7 installation disk from the repair screen. Select repair instead of install, then select to use the tools to fix the installed system and in that window there will be a link to access the command prompt. On my system, it came up on drive X. I changed the drive to c: and ran the bcdboot.exec line as listed above and it worked out great.

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