Outlook 2007 IMAP subfolder synchronization

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My previous post turned out to be more bogus that I thought. It is, at best, an interesting observation, but not the fix for folder synchronization. The problem for this issue was actually on Gmail and what Outlook 2007 expects for IMAP to work. Gmail is case sensitive and Outlook always submits the root folder in Caps by default. Actually this is also coming from an ignorant point of view. All I know is that it fixed it.

I read in several places that some program setup outlook with a bad root folder, instead of mixed case, INBOX is all upper case, but Gmail has inbox in mixed case, so after the default installation, Gmail has the folders InBox\test where Outlook has it INBOX\text and the two are not the same. I could not find anywhere in Outlook to correct this. Though I didn't test this extensively, but if I add a folder after Outlook is connected to Gmail, it seems that the folder is functional. I can delete that folder and copy emails into it, but if the folder is imported during the account setup, it will not work. Can't delete the folder and can't copy emails into it. The fact that I can't do it manually also means that the emails on the server won't copy into the correct folder either. Funny, after everything is setup and the inbox is loaded with email, when you try to connect to one of those folders Outlook doesn't complain at all. It only complains when you try to manipulate the folder claiming it doesn't exist.

This is the error I was getting when I tried to copy email into one of those folders created during setup "Cannot move the items. The serve responded: 'No Folder INBOX/folder (Failure)'." On investigating that issue, I discovered that Outlook 2007 uses all capital. Seeing as I didn't know where to fix this in Outlook, I did find that it can be changed on Gmail rather easily...

Sign into your Gmail account. Click on the gear and select Settings. On the settings page, there is a link at the top which says Labels. Don't mess with the system labels. I don't know if you can, but it's not necessary. Scroll down until you see a button that says Create New Labels. All the labels or folders under the inbox are shown there and they will probably all be in mixed case. There is a link at the right which says edit. Click that and change InBox to INBOX and leave the \label that is already there just like it is. 

There is no need to restart. As soon as the case is changed, Outlook will have access to the folder and all the emails in that folder will download.

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Outlook 2007 IMAP subfolder synchronization (Fix Failed)

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Many of my customers want to use IMAP, even though they use Outlook (which doesn't do a very good job of handling that protocol). Several of them keep huge subfolders under the inbox, but they do not get synchronized even though the folder is subscribed. They will show me the folders on Gmail and then the empty folder in Outlook. The folder structure is there, but not the items.

I believe this wouldn't be a problem if the Outlook client was the main source of email distribution. In other words, if my clients used Outlook to put an email in a subfolder, then Outlook would see it and Gmail would see it, but if they moved the email in Gmail, then Outlook would do nothing.

I'm sure this works the same way in all version of Outlook, but the steps I explain here are for Outlook 2007.

In the send and receive settings found under Tools/Options then the Mail Setup tab under the button Send/Receive, you will find a button to Edit the Group Name for All Accounts. In the Receive mail items subsection, there are three radio button. The first two are default actions which don't offer much. I think the idea is Microsoft doesn't want to synchronize all the subfolders and you will see what I mean if you select "Use the custom behavior defined below"

For the Inbox and subfolders under it, there are not check boxes in any of the folders below inbox. For each box you can select to download headers or download complete emails. Selecting a top level folder does not automatically select the lower level folders, consequently, they don't get synchronized.

I selected headers for the subfolders in order to reduce overhead and time. If customer wants to see the actual email, it will download when they try to open it, but at least they can see the emails.

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RTP300-VD firmware unlock

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Several RTP300-VD VoIP routers are showing up on eBay which are brand new in the box and still locked.

The firmware version I got was 1.00.37 and trying the simple ping hack did not work. The router never connected to my tftp server. After some research, I remembered I had to upgrade the firmware first and then the ping hack.

To upgrade the firmware requires access to another area of the router management web site which is also locked by a password that may or may not be known. A lot of web posts indicate the user is user and the password is tivonpw, but that didn't work for me. That's where cyt3xx comes in. Actually, I think it's cyt4xx.exe now, but the program has hard to find.

I have a copy of cyt39c.exe which works fine on this particular Linksys RTP300 router. The steps I used ...

connect laptop to LAN port on the router.

Run cyt39c  - it will automatically find the router. 

Press the key to reset the passwords. Let it run until it says it's finished. It will set the username and passwords for Admin and User.

Connect to the router at

login as admin / admin

change the router address to point to

login as user / user

Then you will have access to the update firmware dialog. Update to the Vonage firmware (updating the firmware from 1.00.37, which doesn't have wget or tftp capabilities, to a version that does will allow you to install a completely new firmware changing the device from a RTP300-VD to a RTP300-NA) The firmware I used is RTP300-NA - 3.1.24

Actually, I didn't have to do the PING hack this way.

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Returnpath Certified email not worth accepting

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Because I continue to get spam mail that has been certified by ReturnPath and SenderScore (same company), I have decided to completely remove the scoring attributes provided by Spamassassin. In fact, the amount of spam I get that has been certified, I might even mark these as spam. If you have to pay to have your email delivered, then there must be a reason they are not getting delivered. I also hear that Yahoo will start accepting these certified emails, but that's not a plus.

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