Sage 50 (Peachtree) 2014 Can't Find Data Path for Payroll Update on Windows 8.1

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Recently did a chat session with a Sage analyst who again, couldn't help me. Our problem was with applying the July 2014 tax updates. We had just installed this PC because the previous windows XP machine had died and rather than move backwards, we decided to use the most current version of Windows, but the Home or non-Pro edition. We're on a Windows 2008 R2 server and all the other Windows XP machines are connecting to the server through the domain. This PC, of course, is not actually part of the domain, but the user account that it uses to connect to the server is a domain account.

We have mapped several drives to the server and Peachtree, during the initial installation mapped an extra drive, the Z drive for u for the data path, but we like to use the P drive. When Sage 50 exits, it tells us we have a payroll update to complete. This annoying message will not go away if we don't apply the update, even if we don't do payroll on that PC, but; this Windows 8.1 PC is the payroll station and a message also pops up when you enter the payroll area, so we had to find a way to install this update.

During the update process we get through to step 4 without a problem. It asks for the program path, and that is provided so we don't do anything but click next. The next screen asks for the data path but only offers the C drive. We tried to use that drive, because we couldn't really find the network path, but that also failed. One topic we looked to to research this before we did the online chat, suggested that once the server has been updated, on the PCs, we can ignore the errors and everything will work fine. That isn't true.

We tried to browse for the path and no network drives showed on the list. Typing in the network drive and path didn't work either. We checked and in the Windows Explorer, the network drives are there with no red X's on them. We even clicked in to the drives and could see the data without any problem. We clicked back and then forward again to see if the network paths would show up. They didn't. The analyst suggested disconnecting the drive and reconnecting it which we did and that didn't work either.

Finally, while the analyst was scratching his head and claiming there were no known issues, I decided to try the UNC path which applied the updates. Then we went back into Sage 50 and found the error message when going into payroll was gone. So we're happy. Just as I was signing off, the analyst asked if there was anything else he could help us with...

Here's the UNC path we used: \\<server name>\Peachtree\company 

Peachtree was the name of the shared folder. company is the subfolder name where all the companies reside. I wasn't sure if we needed to specify the company folder also, but apparently that was not needed.

Hope this helps anyone on Windows 8.1 who might also be having this problem.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Friday, July 11, 2014 | Comments (1)