Ascendtech Order - poor quality bad rma policy

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Ordered 5 PCs from AscendTech. Found them on They had an inexpensive computer and custom build. My custom builds weren't very difficult. I wanted a low cost PC with multi screen capability. They called me about every order with needed changes to my customization because they didn't have the part.. One the power supply wasn't available, I paid to upgrade it. The other, the motherboard wasn't available, I needed dual monitor support on the motherboard. They recommended a change and they paid the upgrade. I wanted a specific case, because they ones they show don't really tell you want is available on the outside of the case. I wanted USB ports on the front. Their base case doesn't have any front facing USB ports. So I picked a case that did. They didn't have the case, so they added a 7.1 memory card expansion unit which takes up a front bay and always has a meaningless red light on, never goes out and doesn't mean it's working, I know this because I have one that isn't working, but the red light still is on. I'm not going to replace it. Returns are not handled very gracefully.

I had to return one of the PCs because the power supply, that they recommended, failed. I think the motherboard had a problem too. If the power supply would fix the problem, I wasn't going to spend $200.00 to send it back and be out of PC for 5 to 10 days, no power supply would fire up the PC. I had to return it at my expense. They are on east coast. Turn around time was not guaranteed. I sent it 2nd day air. They took 2 days to repair and then ground shipped it back. It was seven days before I would get the PC back.

Every PC had issues. I've decided not to buy anymore PCs from Ascendtech. Instead, I buy Dell PCs at BestBuy.


Written by Leonard Rogers on Thursday, September 18, 2014 | Comments (0)