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I have just started looking for a solution outside of Copfilter. Copfilter is an addon to IPCOP which is a firewall application. The problem I have is when IPCOP updates, the addons have to follow and sometimes the upgrade path isn't the best. It often takes me several weeks before I can get the SPAM back under control. There is some work being done to create a Copfilter addon for IPFire, but that is still in the works. I don't know how popular such a move is with all the developers of the Copfilter addon.

In any case, I'm forced to update my IPCOP because the VPN broke down and I don't want to go through the headache of retraining after upgrade this time. I decided I wanted to find a SMTP gateway solution that was outside the firewall. I specified some things I was looking for in a rant on the Copfilter forum and one of the other users there suggested MailCleaner, which I had never even heard of. In my searches I found ASSP which stands for Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy server.

I made my comments about ASSP there in my rant. It was way too cumbersome to install, so I went ahead with Mailcleaner and I am in the process of installing and testing that software.

Here is some helpful information.

Hi xxx,

I 'm going to give some informations, but please use mailcleaner forum if you have questions about this product.You will find more precise answers.

Website for commercial product:
Website for Community edition:

To download last versions (12 december 2014) : (ISO, 32 bits or 64 bits).
(Installation for testing will take 10-30 min).
Documentation: ... umentation
Technical documentation (installation, settings,...) :



My first impressions of this software is that it doesn't meet all the items in my rant. That may change rapidly because impressions sometimes come from lack of understanding. However, the things I have found so far are not encouraging. The software needs a LOT of manual tinkering. I have had the software installed and running in test mode for about a week now and the bayes scoring feature of spamassassin is still not running. Someone wrote a script to get Mailcleaner to get the sample emails for training Spamassassin from an SMTP server, but the use of things like this are for experienced linux users. I'm leary about running anything I don't know what it does and as I go through some of these scripts. I test the directory locations and some of them are just not there in the version I've installed. For example, the Mailcleaner team gives instructions to train spamassassin by using two scripts they provide, one and But those files no longer exist. In addition, they have two bayesian scoring tools, Bokofilter and Spamassassin and both have different requirements for training but neither have a feature to train them. There have been many questions about which to use or are both used.

My point is, Mailcleaner is an up hill battle all the way. Without a central up-to-date document on administration, all we have to get the system up and running correctly is the forum. I will post solutions as I find them. I requested access to their forum about a week ago. I got the reply that they received my application, but that access will not be granted until an admin as reviewed it and I will get another email then. I'm still waiting.

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