Mozilla Thunderbird Can't delete emails

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I had the weirdest experience today. I have some local folders (the one no email address is attached too) that I dump and organize my spam and ham and of course, some ham gets mixed in, so when I do a retest on the spam filters, sometimes the ham shows up in the spam folder (sorry for all the hammy spammy talk). So, I'm able to reclassify email in the spam folder, but I can't delete the ham. In fact, I can't move the ham. Can't get rid of it at all. Shutting down and restarting Thunderbird doesn't help and I get this spinning wheel, but nothing is happening. Well, I have to get the ham out of the spam folder or I'll be training by bayes filters incorrectly. I finally when to the folder settings and found where my local folders are being saved. I take a look at the trash folder and discover, while manually deleting the files in the trash folder, that the main file there requires administrative permission to remove it. Clue!

I deleted the file anyway, but I've found that sometimes when programs don't behave themselves, it's sometimes because it doesn't have the rights to make changes. It's part of the UAC (user access control) feature that came out after Windows XP. It was a pain in Vista and sometimes in Windows 7. Back in those days, I'd disable UAC, but that became a problem so I had to re-enable it. The fix I use now is right click the program icon and select "Run as Administrator." the program complains with a pop-up window asking for permission to run. In that mode it has the rights to access files it doesn't normally have when run normally.

The problem was probably fixed when I deleted the file that needed admin rights to do so, but I ran Thunderbird as Administrator anyway, just in case there were other anomalies that needed to be fixed. I can now delete emails again. 

Written by Leonard Rogers on Friday, March 6, 2015 | Comments (0)