Windows 10 Adobe Acrobat not listed in default programs

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Windows 10 comes with it's own app for opening PDF files. It is also part of Microsoft's new browser: Edge. If you have the Adobe's reader installed, it usually does show up in the list of default programs, but Adobe Acrobat X Standard does not. When Windows 10 reverts the default PDF reader back to it's own app, it becomes a real problem to restore the correct default program.

If you have Adobe Reader installed and that's the software you want to open PDFs with, it should show in the Default Programs selection out of the Control panel. If it doesn't, uninstalling and reinstalling (I installed the latest, DC version) should fix that problem. However, if you have Adobe Acrobat, you don't need to reinstall to fix the program that opens your PDFs. Go to the menu and open Edit/Preferences. On the left side, select General. On that page, bottom option, it allows you to pick the default program to open PDFs. It only shows Adobe products there. On mine, it showed both the reader and Acrobat. It was already on Acrobat, but I still pressed the set as default program and it changed all the icons back to the red Acrobat swirl and set Acrobat as my default software to open PDF files. Going back into the control panel, it still didn't show Acrobat as being a program that I could set as the default software. I'm not sure if this is only a problem with Acrobat X or not, but I've seen this problem on other PCs. I reinstalled the reader because that's free and requires no license. But, I don't think reinstalling Acrobat is so easy to do if you don't have the license handy.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 | Comments (0)