Best Buy Bad Credit Practices

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This is going to be a rather simple entry. Part of this problem is Bank of America, but the escalation of the problem is entirely Best Buy.

First, I buy a PC and Laptop online. The price is $1026.35. During the processing of the card, I get a Visa pop up, which I've never seen before, which asks for information I've already put on the order, CCV, Exp date, stuff like that. The card is declined. I get a fraud pop up from Bank of America on my phone asking: "Are these your purchases". I recognize them. One, the most recent, is my declined Best Buy purchase. Of course, there's nothing wrong with my bank balance. Bank of America just likes to jigg you ever once in a while so you feel safe. But this is where the problem starts.

I indicate that those are mine and assume that the card remains declined. I look online at my bank account and I see the purchase and then an immediate refund putting the charges back where they were. I think to myself. Should I try again? I say, Yes. but I'm not going to use my Bank of America card again, they just jigged me. So, I use Paypal which is directly linked to the bank card anyway and I get my purchase. Two days later, Best Buy reauthorizes my card for 1026.35. Where they got the idea to do that, I have no idea. I'm guessing the bank sent a "temporary" decline (like, what is that?) and Best Buy decides, lets just see if we can make this sale anyway. We know the customer really really wants these products... Only, on the second authorization, they tell me the PC isn't available. They cancel the item, but still auth my card for 1026.35. Ok. bad enough. I called Bank of America and they tell me the auth will fall off the next day because it's already 3 days old. I think, fine, but then they are going to auth my card again for that laptop I don't need because I already ordered it again...

So, when the charge didn't fall off like Bank of America said it would, I called Best Buy to cancel the rest of that order. They processed the cancelation for the last item and auth'd my card again. Guess for how much? $1026.35, so now, eight days after my original order, I have the product already paid for and in hand, but I still have that damn auth on my bank card.

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