League of Legends and Pando Media Booster

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League of Legends (LoL) also comes with pmb.exe Pando Media Booster. Apparently this comes with most online gaming installs. The problem with Pando Media Booster is that it continues serving in Bittorrent fashion the install files even after the software is installed. This can greatly impede your internet performance. The nice thing is that after you've installed the game, you can easily uninstall Pando Media Booster and future updates will continue without any problems.

I wouldn't have a problem leaving this on if Pando Media Booster was configurable in such a way that the producers of these games could control with Pando Media Booster was actually sharing.

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LOTRO and Pando Media Booster

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Just had a problem where all the outbound traffic was peaking to max and holding causing tons of problems with voip products and other outbound traffic, but most noticeable on streaming media.

This problem occured just after installing Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Actually several things happened at the same time including new computers on my network, so I had to do some sniffing to find where it was coming from. I finally used ProcMon on my own machine and found PMB.exe pushing out tons of UDP traffic. One web site suggests that this application is a bittorrent like application that continues to provide upload services after the download and installation is complete.

When I found it, I discovered that PMB was Pando Media Booster. Then found and removed it without any problems via Add and Remove Programs. LOTRO continues to operate without a hitch. I will see what happens on the next program update and see if it gets installed again.

Note: 11/10/2011 - Pando Media Booster doesn't get reinstalled by any of the games I've tested so far and game patches work fine.

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League of Legends and Pando Media Booster 

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