Joomla 2.5.1 Still no PostgreSQL option available

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 I've been checking the Joomla multi database support ever since an article came out in Jan 2012. This is one example:,-search-support

So, I went to the Joomla web site and installed it on my PHP server with PostgreSQL extensions installed. I checked all the requirements and pgsql and pdo_pgsql show as registered in php_info(). But PostgreSQL does not show as an option for database install. I posted request specifically to this issue on their forum but got no replies (except for my own replies where I posted additional information). 

This page (!topic/joomlabugsquad/4RLnsIvDCVY) indicated that 2.5.1 was coming out soon to fix many problems. There was no specific mention of PostgreSQL, but the non-tracker specific mention of database updates led me to believe that maybe the promised support would be there.  It is not. So I posted again but I doubt I will get any replies.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Friday, February 3, 2012 | Comments (2)

  1. 1. It is my understanding that there are people working on PostgreSQL but it is not ready to use yet. If you want to help out, you should join the bug squad and get involved in the testing. I saw a comment by Elin on 26th Jan indicating that it should be ready in about two months. If enough people help I'm sure it will be in 2.5.2 release. I suggest you download the latest working copy from github and get involved in making it happen.

  2. 2. I appreciate your comment. I went to github and setup an account. It's pretty complicated. I'm not sure how to find the branch that's working on the Postgresql. Thanks for the heads up. I will continue investigating.

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