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One thing to note. Changes to the OS don't take effect immediately. I'm sure there is a command to run that will install the changes, but I'm not a Linux guru. Namely, the IP address assigned to the network card. It doesn't register until after a reboot. 

When I first setup my AsteriskNOW PBX server, I used an internal network address. However, when it came time to install the SIP trunks, that setup proved to be impossible to work with. My router is behind several routers, so port forwarding was out of the question. I ended up moving my AsteriskNOW server to a position behind one firewall (IPCOP - orange network) and port forwarding UDP 5060 and UDP's 10000 - 20000 to the IP address of the AsteriskNOW server. Installing the SIP truck still has an issue if the outbound IP address is different than the public IP address assigned. As with most routers that allow you to put multiple public IP addresses on the WAN port, the inbound and port forwarded packets will reach the correct server, but all transmitted packets will have the IP address of the router which can differ from the extra one assigned.

I used a post routing command on the firewall in the IPCOP machine to masquerade the correct IP address if it was coming from that server. The only problem I had then was in passing the firewall test. I found that by changing the ports for RTP, in /etc/asterisk/rtp.conf, from rtpstart=10000, to rtpstart=10001. I was able to pass the test. During the first days of trail and error, I read that the ports to forward were 10001-20000. I don't know why those ports were listed that way as it should be 10000-20000, but since I set my firewall to start with 10001, the firewall test failed until I changed rtpstart.

On a plus side, you can get these settings to register by restarting asterisk...

amportal restart

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