Allway Sync removal

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Allway Sync is a (sort of) free program to synchronize the files on two hard drives. It, however; has a limit to it's free version. When doing a backup of your computer, the entire C drive, the software complains that you are synchronizing too many files to be for private use.  So using it to schedule file synchronization is useless. There is no information on how many is too many. Just the iTunes directory should be plenty of many.

So, I wanted to uninstall the product, but it kept complaining it was running. It's not easy to find. The service running Allway Sync isn't named Allway. Look in the task manager for a process named SyncAppw.exe. Kill that and you can uninstall the software.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Friday, May 18, 2012 | Comments (0)

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