Time Warner New Trial Offering for Business Class Internet

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I just got a call from Time Warner Cable internet  for business. They called and offered a "new trial deployment" which would give me the highest speed internet they offer business (15mbps x2mbps ) for a fraction of the cost: $131.00 a month for a 3 year term. What a deal. I'm paying $199 for 8x1 which is 2 tiers below that the max speed. That confused the customer rep who finally broke down and asked me if I was ever at a different address from where my office is... (I can't use the actual addresses so even that statement is confusing).

The address she gave me was for a company that I set up internet services for. I was the point of contact. Time Warner has called several times trying to upsell special services to this company and I am still the point of contact. But what kind of trial offering is a drastic reduction in price? Why would it be offered to only a few companies? How do you trial a price reduction? Perhaps they looked at the actual bandwidth they use (which is none, since it's a back up line) and decided; Hey, lets charge them more for using nothing.

What bothers me is after Time Warner Cable found out that I also use their service and that I'm getting ripped off at $199.00 for 8x1 instead of 15x2 offered at $131.00, they wouldn't extend that offer to me. Oops, I'm sorry.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | Comments (0)

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