Connecting Copfilter's SpamAssassin to Gmail's IMAP folders for Bayes Scoring

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 I had an issue connecting my copfilter to gmail's folders in an effort to setup bayes scoring. Initially, the problem was with the need for a secure connection. Previous to V2, we could not use SSL. After upgrading to V2, I was still having issues connecting.

I was able to connect with these settings:


  • IMAP server:
  • Require SSL: Yes
  • User name: your Gmail account name
    • The account name is what precedes "" in your Gmail address. If your Gmail address is "", for example, the corresponding account name is "nospam".
  • Password: your Gmail password (no special characters in the password - there's still a problem with that)

Here is a screen shot including the folder names which are called labels in Gmail. These folders are top level labels.


Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 | Comments (4)

  1. 1. no consigo hacer la conexion con el imap de gmail, puedes apoyarme?



  2. 2. Este era un problema, incluso después de la autenticación trabajó. Yo en cambio decidí configurar un servidor IMAP en Linux.

  3. 3. alguien ha podido conectarlo con gmail???



  4. 4. Yes. Create the labels in gmail outside the inbox. the two folders I used above are labeled exactly like that (it is case sensitive), but they are at the root folder. You could probably use folders off the inbox, but you'd have to check the label settings to see what case the word inbox has, but I already mentioned this.

    I stopped using gmail because you can't make several copies of the same email even if you are putting them in different folders. Because of this, one IPCop server would empty all the folders which I found quite annoying.



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