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Mozilla Thunderbird has a lot of self contained settings and pays no attention the changes in it's environment. Since installing it, I've had the default program to open an attachment to be an issue. Windows knew what program to use, but Thunderbird didn't (of course, this is because the user opened the attachment and picked what they "thought" was the right program, Mozilla grabbed that one and that's the way it stayed until I figured out how to undo it).

This time is was the default printer. Same user. Brand new workstation setup. Apparently, a different printer was set as default when Thunderbird was installed and so, it grabbed that one and wouldn't let it go. This will also be an issue whenever there is a printer change...

Here are the steps to reset the default printer in Mozilla Thunderbird...

1. In Thunderbird, go to Tools - Options.
2. Under Advanced, on the General tab, click on the Config Editor button.
3. Scroll down to the line starting with print.print_printer. If you don't have that line, then everything should already be set correctly.
4. Right-click on the print.print_printer line & choose Reset.

I got this info from here.

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