HP Printers network diagnostics

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First, I'm just going to say that HP's MFC (Multifunction) printers have way too much overhead. Taking almost an hour to install is just ridiculous.

I would like to complain about the network diagnostics, but the problem after much research as actually that the printer went sleep or turned itself off and I was installing the driver remotely. This is an MFC-8500 909a Officejet printer. Once the printer was back on, the installation almost finished... Almost. It got all the way to the end and decided that something was wrong and started uninstalling.... I wasn't going to let that happen, so I went into the task manager, found the running program and ended the task. Now there are many things that don't work correctly, but it can print and scan. I can't use the control center.

I believe the entire problem is that the printer keeps going off line and I'm researching that now.

As it turns out, that printer was just burned out. I believe the problem revolved mostly around the power supply, but I can't be sure. My recommendation was to get rid of it. The customer bought a new one before asking me (I wanted to suggest a different brand, i.e. Brother). But he got a newer model of the same printer. This one was a HP 8600. The old printer had been in service for about 6 years, so I guess we can't complain too much... 

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | Comments (0)

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