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It's really annoying that calls are forwarded outside the United States for support. Many have experienced a language barrier in the worst case and best case an accent problem. Though the call center personnel are usually polite, they simply cannot help in many situations. The first time I discovered this with Network Solutions, the person who answered the phone had no accent at all, but then forwarded me to an "extension" and then I was talking to a person in the Philippines. My question... I needed to renew a domain. The account holder had passed away and I needed to get that domain activated again. She told me only the domain holder can reactivate the domain. This is actually a new concept for Network Solutions. It use to be that anyone could pay to have the domain registered. Now that apparently isn't so. I told her that I'm on the account as a technical contact and still she insisted that I could not renew the domain. She temporarily activated the domain which helped some. By activating the domain, I should have been able to get the password to the domain sent to the registered users account, but the the email to reset his password still had not come through. Very frustrating.

I ended up logging in with my own account and guess what... she was wrong. I was able to renew the domain as a technical contact.

This time, I called about an account where I received an email that I have been removed from an account as technical contact. The only problem is, I don't know which account. The email only give the account number, but not the domain. I called customer service and the friendly Philippine person who answered the phone could only tell me their systems were going through maintenance and to call back in 1 or 2 hours.

Network Solutions domains are the most expensive of any registrar. It doesn't seem that we are getting our money's worth.


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