Can't uninstall Carbonite

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My Carbonite backup software stopped backing up on July 1, 2013. Checking the settings in the Carbonite software, gave every indication it was working okay, except an odd backup counter that said my last backup was 49,675 days ago. If it wasn't for the notice from Carbonite that our backup hasn't been performed in 2 weeks, I would have never known to look into the problem. After I went into services and restarted Carbonite, I finally got the message that an update was available (actually required ... apparently).

Downloading and installing the update file only wrecked havoc. The service changed to disabled, the icon on the desktop and the in the service tray were both removed, but the installation kept breaking... Error extracting installation program, retry or cancel. It might have said unpacking instead of extracting. I couldn't uninstall Carbonite because there was no uninstall in add and remove programs. So, I went about it manually and couldn't remove the program files folder for Carbonite because the files were still being used. It turns out the program that was using the files was explorer.exe. So I killed the process to see if it would let go of the DLL file, but every time explorer started, those files started also.

Killing the explorer process and restarting it again, which you can do in the task manager by going to File, run and entering explorer in the process you want to run and it'll start again, is about as close to rebooting as you can get without rebooting. So, after I killed and restarted the explorer process, I tried to do the Carbonite install again and it worked this time.

A reboot would have worked just fine, but this runs on a shared machine and everyone would be using it until late at night. I didn't have the luxury of rebooting at the moment and had already missed a day. now the number of days since last backup correctly reflects 16 days or since July 1.

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