Joomla templates addons that are ready for Postgresql

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Well, I didn't mean to get into this, but every Joomla template addon I have checked so far is not ready for Postgresql. I not sure how this will develop but for now, I will make comment on each designer I test. I will also test various templates from each designer and if I find one that works, I'll list it. Otherwise, I will just list the failures.

My biggest issues today is the interchangeability of the designers work. One where clause with open with double quotes and use signal quotes to delimit the fields. This works fine with Postgresql. But in the same file, the next time I see a where clause, the start the where clause with a single quote and delimit the fields with double quotes. This does not work with Postgresql. It seems that it doesn't matter which way they do this and it will work fine with MySQL.

The other issue I just ran across is the use of WHERE 1 and a where clause. This makes not sense at all. One comment I read is that it makes it easier to build conditional where clause. I won't comment on that, but any where clause should always return a true or a false. I could understand doing this in the case mentioned above, but are we trying to save space? Could the clause just say WHERE true? or WHERE 1 = 1.

So far, any addon that has to create new tables has failed and I mean horribly failed. As in, no tables even come close to being built. Where I found this to be an issue is in the installer.xml file where they specify the database to build the tables from. Joomla doesn't care that you don't have the one they want to install. It just pretends that the job was done and the failures starting showing up with exceptions that say such and such a relationship doesn't exist. In the xml file, it specifies that the tables to be built and the language to use is MySQL or Postgresql where you can have both in the same file, but they point to different SQL files to actually build those files. Then you can build tables using specific syntax for that database manager. That is not the case in the normal run. Instead, the designers of Joomla built the query interface to be generic on the one hand and they will build the query (using JFactory and JDatabase), though they say queries can still be submitted via a string as it has worked the past, but I can almost guarantee that any designer who does that will be formatting the query for MySQL alone which is guaranteed to fail.

I will make more specific comments on other templates as I go along. 

Written by Leonard Rogers on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | Comments (0)

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