JSN framework and JSN Tendo 2.1 doesn't work with Postgresql

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This one is a big fail for use with Postgresql. On the initial install, none of the web page would load due to the use of double quotes. I was able to find and fix that. One odd thing. I wasn't able to find the location in the template I downloaded that was causing the problem. I can only assume that they downloaded additional files during the installation of the template that I uploaded. I had to modify the PHP files on the server itself and I could only find the problem but using the trace file after setting debug on. There was only one helper.PHP file in the template and no other zip files. That helper.PHP file didn't have the lines that were causing the problem.

Once the problem was fixed, the web site displayed fine, but there was no data. When it came to installing the sample data, there is just no hope if getting the site up and running. In fact, it was broken beyond the ability to uninstall the template. I had to scrape the entire site and reinstall Joomla from scratch.

Installing the sample data is done from the template manager in Joomla using a java script totally designed to function outside of the Joomla template world. You can install the sample data from a button which, from what I can tell only downloads a xml file. This means there is a library of files installed already which know how to process the xml file. Any attempt to fix the xml file only results in being overwritten when try to install again, since the file is downloaded... fresh with all the broken items in it.

This template suffers from interchanging using double quotes to delimit fields and using single quotes. It also uses the WHERE 1 clause. And the xml file queries all used accent marks to delimit field names which doesn't work in Postgresql.

I would like to add that this is a very sleek and nice template. I wish I could have used it. They claim the template is Joomla 2.5 and 3.1 ready, but i don't think you should be able to claim that if your template is not database independent.

This template can be found on Joomlashine's web site. I used the free template. If the free template doesn't work then the Pro template won't work either.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | Comments (0)

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