AnalogX packetmon unable to open raw socket Windows 7

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Packetmon by AnalogX claims the ability to monitor packets through RAW winsock connects (though Windows does place some restrictions on the data that can be monitored). It's a free program and still available as of this writing, though the author of the site does not appear to have made any updates since 2009.

When I installed packetmon, I immediately got an error message: Unable to open raw socket, packet monitoring canceled. After some search, I found that even as far back as Windows XP, RAW sockets needed to be enabled, but I could find no where that explained how to enable RAW sockets in Windows 7. Then I stumbled across a similar problem in Vista. The question was Can a regular user be allowed access to RAW sockets. The answer was no. In Windows 7, even if the user has an administrator account, programs not signed will not open in administrator mode. You have to right click the icon and select Run as Administrator, which gives the program access to admin level functions such as RAW sockets. So I tried it with Packetmon and it ran without a problem using RAW sockets.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Thursday, July 25, 2013 | Comments (0)

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