Creating an SSH key for Putty

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I thought the process for creating an SSH certificate would require SSL as well, but it doesn't. Creating a key for Key Based SSH logins is all performed with the tools associated with Putty. Here is a good step by step tutorial for creating the certificate and a means of preventing logins through regular passwords. This will help prevent Brute force login attempts, however; as the author notes, if you lose your keys, you will not be able to login.

I don't know if disabling logins also disables the console, but I don't have access to my server to test it. The article is in four parts, hyperlinked at the bottom of each article. After creating the initial key pairs (public and private) you can copy the private key to any other machine that needs access to the server. You do not have to generate a new key pair unless the login for the new person does not have access to the public key on the server.

I would suggest creating a ridiculously long password using this site. Instead of disabling logins altogether. This leaves that door open of course, but creating a 32 to 128 character password and changing it as the need arises should make it very very difficult for even a brute force attack.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Monday, August 26, 2013 | Comments (0)

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