Clearwire part 2

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I have decided to return the equipment and cancel my account for Clearwire's internet service.  Primarily because they don't know their coverage and are selling it where you can't use it.

The second day I had the service, I discovered that they captured my internet activity and directed me toward their pages to agree to a contract (the term of which was most likely 2 years, but I was never told and the contract they wanted me to agree too didn't say either.  It covered all terms, from 24 hours to 2 years.)  One good thing I saw on the contract was a clause that said I had 14 days from activation to cancel the contract without early term penalties.  However, the last clause which really bothered me was a statement that I was authorizing them and any of their affiliates access to my phone number for any reason including sales calls even though I had listed my number with the national "do not call" list.

I could not tell if it was required in order to use their service.  I'm sure that listing my number with a do not call list does not prevent any commercial agency from calling to collect on valid debts or even to make other offerings available to me.  It bothers me that they would also list their affiliates which can be so broadly interpreted as to mean anyone except their competitors.

I had opportunity to see the real power of 4G with the laptop's USB from my office in another location.  I was able to obtain 12Mbps which is extremely good for a cellular network.  With that I knew I wasn't getting the 4G network at my home with the non-mobile modem.  When I brought the laptop home, it wouldn't even get a signal even though the non-mobile modem was getting a signal.  I certainly didn't get the 12Mbps that I got in the office, not anywhere close to it.  I watch Netflix on my WII almost every night.  The quality of the service was horrible.  The screen pixilated frequently and I would lose the signal and sometimes have to wait almost 5 minutes watching the streaming to get enough buffer to continue.

In my opinion, Clearwire has a long way to go to develop a mature product.  I understand Verizon is also deploying 4G.  Perhaps I'll test that and see how it works.  I guess the next test is to see how easily it will be to return Clearwire's product.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 | Comments (0)

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