Does anyone know the number for Yelp?

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 Among the many startup sites I would consider for creating a presence for a web site on the internet, one of the top is Yelp. Unfortunately, when a business is added, they seem to be really slow about responding. I believe they also have a customer service rep that attempts to make a sales call and when it doesn't work, he cancels the account. Doesn't seem to be a very good way to do business.

Here's the story. My business started up last month. Yelp was among the first sites I went to to setup ad pages. Yelp is good for customer response and allows customers to leave reviews about the companies that have used. I added our company per their page instructions. It included all the address info and phone number, again, the main line which could be answered by anyone and not necessarily the person setting up the site who would be expecting a call.

I responded to the email and set up my account. Added pictures, and description, hours of operation and then waited and waited and waited. I would go back to Yelp several times in the past month to see if my business would show up. Not there. Thank goodness I kept a link to my business posting, which 2 other times, I made changes to the hours and added even more pictures (all of which are still up there) and finally a month later posted a review. The review is there, but I still can't find my business. I wondered why they haven't emailed me or called. So, I decided today, I will try to call them. Did you know you can't find a number to call them at? You can't even call them for sales. You have to fill out a form and try to find your business yet again and then submit the request and they will call you back. And here I sit and wait and wait and wait.

Apparently, if you want to do anything on Yelp, you have to grab that first call or wait an eternity for them to call you. I have a business listing under They call me all the time. I get regular reports, but I don't ever remember doing anything other than claiming my business. 

So, Yelp is yet another dead end. I gave them my office number this time on an advertisement request hoping they'd call and I could find out where my business went. I am interested in advertising, but I expect nothing but trouble getting the Yelp pages up and running.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | Comments (0)

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