Craisgslist doesn't allow you to post links to your web site

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A lot of people abuse The web site is a almost completely free place to advertise services and goods. One of the methods they use to keep down the abuse is to only allow posting advertisements every two weeks. But people overcome that problem by registering six or seven free email accounts with craigslist and posting the same ad six or seven times. Now a recent changes they've made prevents posting links to your web site on their pages. Not a problem, but it would be nice i they said that it wasn't allowed instead of just scraping out that info and then posting a url'less ad posting.

I've had customers that got several click throughs to their web site from craigslist, but now if you put the hyperlink, they just scrape it out. It is probably associated with abuse but a poster who violated the terms by posting the link to a web site that was not in accordance with the policy. Rather than make the few suffer, the policy appears to take the easy way and make everyone suffer. In the meantime, Craiglist goes on to be regularly abused.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | Comments (0)

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