Clearwire Part 3

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Before I returned the equipment I did one more test with the home-spot modem.  I brought it to the area that I got a good 4G signal on my laptop and used it for the DSL service through a router.  The modem got 5 full bars of service on a 4G connection, but the performance was dismal.  The person on terminal services kept getting disconnected.  My ping test showed 30% packet loss and radical latency.  I had to swap out the modem with the DSL which is at the 5 mile mark and barely able to provide service, but better than the Clearwire service.

Frequently in the literature and wiki's I've read, they call this a last-mile service and indeed it is.  They only reason anyone should have to suffer with this kind of performance is where there is no other options... no DSL or Cable service.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | Comments (0)

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