Stopped using URIBL_RHS_DOB as of today

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A email traffic was having a hard time getting through today because the above list manager was blocking legitimate site, such as,, and many many others claiming they were all Day Old Bread sites. Day Old Bread (DOB) is a list which is suppose to indicate what domains just became active. Supposedly, they scan registrar's for domains that either moved IP addresses or just showed up on the domain list. This is because many spammers like to move their domains around so services that block IP addresses will not block their new location. Phishing expeditions usually only live at one place for about a week and then are taken down. 

Using this list is beneficial when it works and like other blacklisting services, will run into problems that cause a high rate of false positives (emails tagged as spam when they aren't). I will probably start using the list again, but as for now, until it gets fixed (which they claim they have fixed it, but many disagree) it is only causing problems with the emails.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Monday, October 6, 2014 | Comments (0)

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