MailCleaner ClamAV sigs provisioning

Posted at 8:50:51 PM in Spam Management Gateways (6) | Read count: 5513

The Clamav-Unofficial-sigs are not provisioned by default and the ClamSpam daemon does not start without the sigs config file being configured and sigs downloaded. The forum information for setting this up that I used is here. Koma also provides a link to get the most current sigs install which includes the script for updating the database. On that link, he/she provides a complete conf file, which I think is helpful as it points to many directories in mailcleaner that are moved from the defaults.

Review the entire thread. There is informaiton for downloading, installing and setting up the crontab to automatically update the databases. One point on the crontab though. In the script, they use an & and I got errors when I used that symbol. It should be:

/sanesecurity/ >$ /dev/null

and not

/sanesecurity/ >& /dev/null

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 | Comments (0)

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