Changes in Verizon Email settings

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I had a client this morning who suddenly wasn't able to get his Verizon dot net emails. For many years the old settings worked fine, but suddenly yesterday at 8:50 AM or so, he was getting errors and requests to correct this username and password. Of course, the messages was from his Outlook email client that he used to get his mail from the POP email server and Outlook is notorious for giving erroneous error messages. I did a little research and it turns out that Verizon has apparently changed where the original hosts addresses are pointing or disabled those settings altogether. The only clue Outlook provided was that the password was wrong. 

The settings for Verizon changed. The original incoming server was and port 110. (This appears to still be the same address for IMAP accounts, but changed for POP accounts). That changed to and we had to turn on SSL with port 995.

The outgoing mail server was and port 25 (which as always been a problem on Verizon networks, they block port 25, but apparently not for their own mail clients). That changed to also with SSL enabled on port 465.

The username and password worked fine after those adjustments were made. This also included his phone. Modifying the settings to match his email client and the phone was able to send and receive also.


Written by Leonard Rogers on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 | Comments (0)

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