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I got this message when I tried to enter a web site address in the internet explorer address bar: "THE REQUEST LOOKUP KEY WAS NOT FOUND IN ANY ACTIVAITON CONTEXT" which didn't make any sense.  Firefox worked fine.  The initial home page worked fine, but I couldn't go to any of the links.  I googled the issue and found that no one else seemed to have an answer either.  After reading several posts, I noticed that several people had tried to downgrade from IE7 or it appeared that in an effort to correct the issue, they did a repair install with the original installation disk. 

In my case, I used the Windows XP SP3 disk to repair files that had been removed by the anti-virus (AVG) before the IE error occured (see post).  The repair install doesn't just restore files that are missing.  It restores all the service packs, patches and internet explorer to the original installation, but makes a copy of the computers registry at the beginning of the repair operation and restores that after setting everything back to it's original state.  Before I did the repair, I had IE8.  After the repair I had IE6.  So, iexplorer.exe gets called the same as it did before, but with registry entries that expect certain files to be in place which aren't.  This creates other problems as well since all the patches that were installed before are also reverted.

I had a copy of the IE8 installation file and ran it.  You can obtain a copy from here.  I used the WinXP 32-bit version in the United States section.  Once that was installed, the error "THE REQUESTED LOOKUP KEY WAS NOT FOUND IN ANY ACTIVATION CONTEXT" no longer showed.  I had about 87 patches to apply using Windows Update and after those were completed, everything seemed to work fine.  Other programs that aren't part of the original disk don't seem to be affected, i.e. Microsoft Office, Peachtree, Quickbooks, etc.  If they used any of the files that came with the original operating system, applying the patches would restore those files to the version expected.


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