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I've been working on a postgresql version of Blog 9.0.  I'm in the testing phases now and will be looking at the other functions of this blog.

This has been an uphill course.  I manually converted all of the all of the database table and field names to lower case.  Postgresql is extremely case sensitive.  I didn't get all of the fields and found that as long as all the names are in lower case in the actual database, apparently the code can have whatever case structure it wants.  The ASP pages still find the correct tables and names.

I had a big issue with bigint and bigserial field types.  bigint is a 8 byte integer which gives an outrageous range on index keys.  I started out converting all of the field extractions from Int8 to cLng and that worked, but there was a lot of work to do to fix all of them.  I instead discovered that you can specify in ODBC to treat int8 as int4 which is the same as the integer used by MS SQL and visual basic.  After I made that change, I was able to view all of the screens with one exception.  I did not have a layout picked.  The database creation tool did not copy anything into that field and when I displayed the web pages, I got an error on invalid "/" or "" in query.  It turns out that I was submitting a null and as soon as I selected one of the valid templates, those errors went alway also.




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