pure-ftpd on Fedora Linux

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This site had some installation instructions for pure-ftpd.  Note line 3 has spaces between the hypen and words in pure-ftpd.  Do not put the hypens in.  Yum will not download the correct package.  I've made some modifications to the instructions to give additional guidance.  See: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=147172

Note also that pure-ftpd does not allow for matching the date stamp of the source files.  This may be critical because if you restore those files, all the dates will be as of the date you FTP'd them to your storage location.  I believe this will also cause problems with design packages like Dreamweaver.

1. install pure-ftpd using yum: yum install pure-ftpd

2. run: /usr/sbin/pure-config.pl /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf (this will create the default conf file for use with pure user database

3. start service: service pure-ftpd start

4. create the pure user database: pure-pw mkdb

5. create users on the fedora box: useradd <uname> and create a password for that user userpw <uname>

6. create a pure-ftpd user account: pure-pw useradd <uname> -u <uname> -g <usame> -d /home/<uname>

Running this command will prompt you for a password.  I used the same as the name I setup in linux, however; I think it can be different.

You can also check user info in the pure-db file by typing pure-pw list.

Note: installing pure-ftpd does not configure iptables to allow access on port 21.  You will have to do this manually, I don't have the notes for that here yet, but to test, I just turned off iptables: service iptables off


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