Brighttree integration with shipping systems such as Fedex or UPS

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Brighttree is a web-based DME/HME Billing application.  My customer is currently using the app to handle the shippment and billing for medical supplies to individuals covered my military medical plans.  

My customer contacted Pitney Bowes to install Send Suite Shipping to handle their shipping needs.  Unlike other Pitney Bowes products this one is not stand alone and not easy to setup.  A product specialist came out to setup the computer (which we needed to provide) and connect the hardware to do the shipping.  The requirements for the computer were Windows XP (won't run on Windows 7), 2 Gig Ram, 40 Gig HD, Network and internet.  The internet was needed to update the shipping costs and transmitting info to the various carriers they support.  The network was required to interface with the billing software to get the shipping addresses from the system.  However, Brighttree is web based and has no direct connection to the database.

The product specialist called me to find out the odbc connection info to Brighttree, which doesn't exist.  So we called Brighttree.  Our solution was to run an AD HOC report to extract the customer database to a file.  At first we tried exporting to excel, which didn't work.  For some reason, when we sent the Excel file via email to someone, they couldn't open it.  They'd get a message that stated ... file.htm is not available.  The location of that file was in the originators temporary internet files folder.  That didn't make any sense to me, but apparently the original web page was embedded in the exported Excel Spreadsheet.  I didn't want to use the Excel Spreadsheet anyway.  The zipcodes or any number field with a leading zero gets truncated in Excel if no special formating is provided.  i.e. 09273 becomes 9273 in Excel.

The easiest file to create was the CSV file which can also be opened with Excel.  I'd recommend leaving it alone though.  Excel could possibly remove the leading zeros on the zipcodes if the file was saved.  We're still waiting on Pitney Bowes to give us the goahead and start using the CSV file.

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