Cargowise EDI shared printer setup

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The Controller PC manages all the print jobs in Cargowise EDI.  Printers that are directly connected to the Controller PC are available to all the workstations.  The printers do not have to be setup on each workstation.  Cargowise EDI has it's own interface for selecting the printer.  If you have a shared network printer, it will not automatically be seen by Cargowise EDI.  The Controller software runs as a service.  In order for the printers to be seen, they need to run with the same permissions as the Controller service.  I'm not sure you can setup printers up to work in the Local Service user group, so what we did was make the Administrator account the one that runs the Controller service.  Then to add a printer to Cargowise, we just log in as the Administrator on the Controller PC and add the printer to that account.  Then log out and reconnect with the regular users creditials.  If  you haven't rebooted to make this switch, you will need to restart the Controller service.  Then when you print a job from Cargowise, you will see the newly added printer.


Written by Leonard Rogers on Friday, February 11, 2011 | Comments (2)

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  2. 2. The Controller PC only comes into play when hosting the entire Cargowise software on you own network. When using Cargowise hosting, the controller PC is on their network.

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