local.cf for spamassassin in copfilter is blank

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I suddenly started getting a bad listing in the spam quarantine.  The subject field had the first 10 to 15 characters cut off so I couldn't tell what the spam score was.  When I looked at the contents of the spam mail, it had a very log description of spamassassin's findings starting with: 
"Spam detection software, running on the system "ipcop.<mydomain>.com", has
identified this incoming email as possible spam.  The original message
has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or label
similar future email.  If you have any questions, see
the administrator of that system for details."
So I did a little research on that message and found that 
report_safe 0
in the local.cf file must be present.  When I looked in that file it was empty.  I had another copfilter running on the same network that I copied over, but how did local.cf get wiped out?  
Note: 02/24/2011 - After some research, I could not find a cause for the file being empty.  Thank goodness I had a file to put in over it, but I imagine that not may places will have two IPCOP servers running that saved me on this server.

Written by Leonard Rogers on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 | Comments (0)

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