Undoing a botched cut and paste operation Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

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Everyone probably already knows this, but I just discovered it.  I frequently  high-light my material and copy it into the windows clipboard when I go to save my work. To do this, I press Ctrl-A to highlight everything, then Ctrl-C to copy.  That way, if I lose the material when the save doesn't work, I can just paste it back in with Ctrl-V.  If the program won't open again, I can paste my work into almost any other application and I can save it in that software.  

Doing this over and over often means that there is something in the buffer already and as I sometimes do, I will press the wrong key.  That will destory the contents that is in the high-lighted area and since I didn't get chance to copy it, it's lost.  Gone forever.  Or so I thought.

I have long known that Ctrl-Z is the short cut in most programs that means Undo.  However, if it's not on the menu, I assumed it wasn't available.  Chrome doesn't even have a menu bar which compounds the problem.  Right clicking usually opens a dropdown menu for options in the area where you right-clicked.  It also didn't have the Undo option.  

Well, I just lost my data a few minutes ago, by accidently pressing Ctrl-V after I had highlighted the area and lost all my changes and in it's place put data from a previous cutting.  That was frustrating and I was ready to close the window and I decided to try the Ctrl-Z anyway.  And guess what???

It worked!

Written by Leonard Rogers on Thursday, February 24, 2011 | Comments (3)

  1. 1. Thanks for the info. Saved me



  2. 2. Thanks so much!! It saved me and I was using Firefox. I was filling out a customer service comment form--a small "box" with apparently no character limit. I gave my long story about how I was charged for two items I had ordered online but never picked up because the store was out of stock, but they show that I did pick up, and my credit card was charged!

    I went to copy and paste the entire text to save in an outside email, but my heart dropped when I clicked control-V instead of control-C and my entire message i spend nearly an hour writing was replaced by a single word in the cut/paste buffer!

    I immediately searched online for ways to "undo" this, and first on the list was your posting.

    Thanks again!!

    Michael Hess


  3. 3. Thank you so much--this worked perfectly!



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