Blackberry to iPhone contacts transfer

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I have a client that went with the Verizon iPhone after his Blackberry umbilical cord broke.  It appears that it might be in the phone side, because it won’t charge, it won’t backup or synchronize or update.  Now the problem was how to get the contacts out of the blackberry and into the iPhone. 

My client told me that the people at the Verizon store were no help.  I have always thought that they would have all the gadgets needed to perform these tasks, but apparently not.  Or at least, they might not have enough expertise to address the “unusual” situation. 

I thought they’d at least replace the cable.  That’s an assumption on my part, but my client was in Virginia so I didn’t want to grill him on his store experience.  Nothing like going back to the same place that couldn’t help you and asking them to try something else when they should have exhausted all the options first.

I suggested replacing the battery with a fully charged battery and then backing up the address book to the internet, which he didn’t think of at the time and neither did the Verizon store tech.  However, they did sell him an iPhone in it’s place.

My concern is if they deactivated his Blackberry phone, then we’re probably screwed without them.  I found an app that can be installed in the Blackberry phone that would backup the address book and calendar from the Blackberry and save it on their web site and they also have the same app for iPhone.  The provider? Google.

I suggested he go back to the store and make these recommendations.  Install Google Sync on both phones… for the Blackberry and for the iphone.  I told him to create an account at gmail and provide the store with the info and see if they could get it done.  This should work as I can’t activate the old phone, they can.


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