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I just setup Google voice to pick up my voice mail for my cell phone instead of the standard that Verizon offers.  My issues with with the standard voicemail is the limited storage, limited days they keep the message, the abrupt notification when you go to check new messages that it’s going to delete the expired messages, the fact that there’s no date and time stamp on the message until you are forced to delete the message.

The pluses on Google voice is their storage.  You delete messages from the web interface, not on the phone.  When you press 7 (normally  used to delete the verizon messages), the message is archived.  This removes it from the new message list.  The messages are also transcribed and sent to you via email, so you have a date stamp.  The transcription isn’t the best, but people slur words and are hard to understand.  Accents are especially hard to transcribe.


There are 2 flavors of Google voice.  One gives you a phone number where you can be contacted.  Log in at any pc with a mic and speakers and people can call you there.  If you don’t answer, the message gets transcribed and emailed to you and a text message to your phone (all customizable).  It’s also recorded so you can pick it up and play it later.  It can also be setup to call you at your regular phone and from what I understand, it can call any number of phones you supply, so you can forward the calls to your work number or cell phone or another away phone.  I have a friend who uses this so her kids can call her from any phone in their local area and it will forward to her cell phone.  She does this to avoid them having to call collect or incur charges since her cell phone and work are long distance from home.

The second flavor is voice mail for cell phones.  I don’t know if they can provide the service for all cell phone providers, but for Verizon, they give you a code to type into your phone and from that point on, all voice mail goes to Google voice.  You can create separate greetings for groups of phone numbers based on your address book, so you can leave a separate greeting for friends and one for business.   You can even make a call from the Google voice, but the phone number is not recognizable to the receiving end.  My calls tend to come from the 760 area code.   This comes in handy if you are at a computer with a mic and speakers, you can call back a number without having to use your cell phone.

A sample message from Google voice:


Hey lender date for or if I was out of company. Gimme a shout back when you get a chance wanted to touch base

Actual message:

Hey <name> this is <name> from <name of company> company.  Give me a shout back when you get a chance.  Just want to touch base.

The calling number is always listed, but it does not translate if that number is on your address book.  I could tell who it was, because I was on the phone at the time the call came in and saw the caller id.  Of course, hearing the actual message helps a lot too.



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